On Radio 4's Saturday Live on 29 January 2011, confused tap-dancing bitch Lionel Blair first told Fi Glover that he wasn't bothered by the jokes that late "I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue" presenter Humphrey Lyttelton regularly made about Blair's sexuality... then he changed his mind and said bitterly that he was glad that Lyttelton is dead.

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Rupert Street?05 February 2011, 11:26

Lionel Blairs comments were disgraceful and the interviewer,Fi Glover should have intervened;After all ISIHAC had a credited script writer and it was a BBC Radio 4 production. Today,February 5th "Saturday Live" had the temerity to offer two rather feeble letters,the second of which was a rather sickly pro Lionel Blair.I am sure they had a sackfuls in support of Humphrey Lyttelton and this was not reflected in their feeble response. The fact that this hardly received a mention,indicated to me just how biased was their intention Shame on you BBC!!!

Gabriel Oaks?06 February 2011, 15:16

I'd always assumed that the very-long running Lionel Blair jokes were made with Lionel accepting the humour in good spirit. Certainly I felt the jokes did, in a strange way, pay homage to a professional entertainer. So to learn his apparent distaste was slightly saddening.

Whilst it is a pity to learn that Lionel did not accept the humour therein, I can appreciate that these jokes could generate upset over a long period of time, particularly to Lionel's family and this should not be overlooked.

Until Lionel's broadcast the jokes had been hugely funny but with today's broadcast of I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue I didn't find myself laughing at the Lionel joke nearly as much as I'd used to.

So where now?

Perhaps the answer is if issue had been raised in the past then the BBC should have dropped the joke with Humps (sad) passing. However, if issue hasn't been raised then maybe it is too late?

Carla?27 June 2011, 17:49

I'm listening to Clue right now, with Jack Dee in the chair, and he's just made a joke about Blair going to a folk club and enyoying an 'opening fiddle'.

Zola?30 July 2012, 18:11

Would anyone really care who Lionel Blair used to be if it wasn't for the jokes? He should be flattered at the attention. His comments about HL's death are the only really shameful thing in this whole story, not least because they're bound to be repeated in his own obituaries. Having said that, perhaps he's dead already and no-one noticed.

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